Helping Australian Businesses Online

We help your business transform from where it is now to one reaping all the potential online has to offer.


We start by doing it all for you while you continue to run your business.
We: talk regularly with you, make recommendations, listen and respond to your wants and needs, create and continually improve your website, write content, take and upload photos, make and upload videos, manage your social media, create newsletters and so on.
We adapt the services package to your business needs as it changes; and we send tailor-made reports.


We provide ongoing training and education so, if and when you choose, you can take over this important aspect of your business.
We discuss results with you, not just sales but leads, referrals, enquiries, likes, your customer behaviour online that leads to increasing interest and awareness of your business.
This regular discussion is how we make our efforts accountable.


The wonders of online, when managed by professionals, expand your market opportunities way beyond your traditional groups.
As you do more online, we can examine and implement other opportunities for your business.

Online is not coming​, its here! People in rural communites are joining the rest of the world and researching and buying online. Your commitment to online is the key to​ your business's future. Our commitment is to work with you to take your business to your customers.
Returns you've not thought possible before are possible today; if you want them.

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What our clients are saying

Waterfall Way Designs were fantastic in getting our website completed to the design, concept and vision we had anticipated. After much searching through countless DIY websites to goliath size web designer companies we settled with Waterfall Way Designs as they represented terrific value for money, with fast experienced personable service, user friendliness and being locally based was an advantage.

David was very knowledgeable in the latest web trends and as well as extremely patient with our penchant for having it look exactly the way we envisaged the end product.

Our website has received many hits and very favourable comments since its inception and we look forward to a long continuation with Waterfall Way Designs

Sam and Virginia - December 2013 Dumaresq Homestead

Our website has become the pulse of our organisation and it was vital for us to ensure it reflected our new direction. David's ability to listen and adapt to the needs of the Chamber and his easy personable style have made our transition to the new space a painless one. We are very happy with our custom made CMS and we know that the design will make it easy for us to connect our members with our services and information.

Liz Egan - November 2011 Armidale Chamber

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